The Best Paleo Snacks

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The perfect amount of Paleo snacks if you need just enough energy and nutrition to casually scurry about in search of fallen berries.

Roughly 8-10 Paleo snacks per order.

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Our best selling box of Paleo snacks. Crushes hunger so you hit your fitness goals, celebrated by hunter-gatherers of all ages and appetites. 9 out of 10 famished stomachs approve, and the 10th was eaten by a tiger..

Roughly 18-20 Paleo snacks per order.

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Functional athletes and big appetites, these Paleo snacks are for you. If you need the strength and endurance to stalk and take down a wooly mammoth, you need this many snacks. Share if you dare.

Roughly 38-40 Paleo snacks per order.

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The Gatherer Box

Great for the svelt Gatherer
Roughly 8-10 Paleo snacks

The Hunter Box

Grab a weapon. Let’s charge.
Roughly 18-20 Paleo snacks

The Mammoth Box

You have a big appetite. Satisfy it.
Roughly 38-40 Paleo snacks

Jaw Dropping Hunter Box Sale

"Excellent assortment of food to snack on. I highly recommend PaleoPax for a variety of on-the-go guilt free snacks!”

- Bobby

“PaleoPax helped me avoid any “hangry” (hungry/angry) moments because if I need a little pick-me-up, I go right to the box. Everything I have tried has been great. Excited to try more!”

- Kristin