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Hangry between meals? We’ve been there.

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You’re starving and you don’t have healthy food on hand, your stomach is screaming “FEED ME” and those chips are staring you in the face, so you eat them… then you feel like crap because you cheated on your Paleo diet and you gave your body bad fuel.
We hate that feeling, so we did something about it. We scour the continent for the best Paleo snacks, test them (eat them), then select the best every month to send to your door. We’re Paleo experts, and expert hunters.

Paleo Diet Food Lists


Paleo diet food lists are confusing. PaleoPax is not.

Is maple syrup Paleo? What about cashew butter? Constantly referring to a Paleo diet food list is exhausting and time consuming. When you have the right Paleo snacks, you’ll crush your fitness goals because you don’t have to think about whether you can eat it. We do that thinking for you.
If you love snacks, we have more good news: these Paleo snacks are delicious. We won’t send you gross snacks. We guarantee it or your money back, and we’ll brand ourselves with sad faces to remind us of our shame.