Affiliate Program

Welcome to the PaleoPax

Brand Ambassador / Affiliate Program

PaleoPax’s Affiliate Program offers a competitive way to turn your site’s traffic and gym’s membership into additional revenue. Promote a brand that encourages a healthy Paleo lifestyle to give your visitors the opportunity to discover some of the best Paleo snacks available. Each time someone buys, we’ll send you cash via PayPal. Help us spread the word and make some cash- we’ll give you a unique URL and images to share with anyone you know.

Not a PaleoPax affiliate member?  

How Does It Work?

Become an Affiliate:

  1. Join my affiliate program.
  2. Log into “My Account
  3. Get your affiliate links.
  4. Promote my books and earn commissions!
  5. Track your sales in My Account.
  6. Affiliate payments are made via PayPal in the middle of the month for the previous calendar month.


Once you’re all set up, if someone clicks on your affiliate link for PaleoPax and makes a purchase (whether embedded on your site as a hyperlink or image or shared through social media or email blast) and decides to make a purchase, you earn 30% of the sales price!  So on a $49 PaleoPax box you would earn about 20 bucks!

Commission is paid out via PayPal at the end of the month for the previous month.